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With your children

It is known that when parents work together, there is a beneficial effect on children, as it helps them to maintain important family relationships after separation agreement.

Divorce mediation

With your assets and property

Our expert mediation services are committed to listening to both participants, offering legal information and guidance considering the needs of everyone in your family.

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With your concerns

A family mediator will support you in finding a solution that works for you and your family and explain how you can make it legally binding.

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With your family relationships

The fear of losing contact with your children or grandchildren is understood by mediators. Our professionals will assist you in finding a way forward.

Mediation services

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Family mediation service

Throughout the mediation process, you will be involved in the decision-making. Unlike court, mediation is quicker, efficient and more cost-effective.

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MIAM is the first meeting where you have the opportunity to tell the mediator about your divorce mediation situation and the issues you are facing.

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Fast track MIAM

We understand that sometimes you need the MIAM certificate as quickly as possible, so we offer this express mediation service for your convenience.

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Online mediation

We can help you from anywhere. The mediator will guide you through the process and provide you with all the necessary support to find you a resolution.

What are the benefits of family mediation?


Peace of mind


Children's well-being


Quiet and safe environment


Quicker process


Financial savings



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Legal information



How we work

Our family mediation team supports you and your family through change, which may be as a result of:

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Family restructuring

Each family member is offered an individual and confidential appointment, called a MIAM (Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting). In this meeting you will discuss your reasons for coming to mediation. Also, the mediator will talk to you about the different types of mediation available and the process.

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Where we work

We work online and in over 230 locations in England and Wales. Here are some of our mediation centres:

Frequently asked questions

In the UK, the rules of separation in marriage can vary depending on whether you’re legally separated or not. Legal separation typically involves a formal process, such as obtaining a judicial separation or a separation agreement. However, simply living apart without taking any formal steps does not constitute legal separation in the UK. Couples can still be considered legally married until they obtain a divorce.

Divorce law in England is based on the principle of irretrievable breakdown of marriage, which can be proven through facts like adultery or unreasonable behavior. The divorce process involves filing a petition, serving it to the spouse, and potentially attending court hearings for disputes. Couples must also reach a financial settlement and make arrangements for children, prioritizing their welfare. Following the issuance of a Decree Nisi and a waiting period, the petitioner can apply for a Decree Absolute to finalize the divorce.

Mediation services in divorce involves divorcing couples collaborating with a neutral mediator to resolve separation issues outside of court. Through mediation, couples create parenting plans, negotiate asset division, agree on spousal support, enhance communication, and retain control over the outcome, fostering a less adversarial and more cooperative resolution process that meets the needs of both parties and their children.

While mediation itself lacks legal binding, agreements achieved through mediation can become legally binding if both parties opt to formalize them. In the context of divorce mediation, agreements covering property division, child custody, visitation schedules, and support payments are typically documented in a “mediated settlement agreement” or “memorandum of understanding.” Upon mutual agreement, these terms can be incorporated into the divorce mediation, decree or other legal documents, thus rendering the agreements legally binding. Conversely, parties are not obligated to formalize agreements if they choose not to or fail to reach consensus during mediation, allowing them to explore alternative dispute resolution methods like litigation.

When mediation fails to produce a resolution or when one party remains dissatisfied with the outcome, turning to the court system becomes an option. The process typically involves filing a court case, presenting grievances related to divorce mediation, child custody, or support payments, and proceeding through court proceedings such as pre-trial conferences, hearings, and potentially a trial if issues cannot be resolved through negotiation. A judge then makes legally binding decisions based on presented evidence and applicable laws. It’s important to note that parties may still be required to attempt mediation before proceeding to trial. Going to court after mediation offers a path to seek resolution when mediation alone proves insufficient.

In the UK, the cost of mediation services varies depending on factors such as mediator’s fees, session duration, complexity of issues, and additional expenses like venue hire. Private mediators typically charge hourly rates ranging from £100 to £500. The total cost is influenced by the number of sessions required, potential administrative expenses, and venue hire if applicable. While legal advice may incur extra costs, it’s essential to weigh these against potential savings compared to litigation.

The cost of a mediator is typically shared between the parties involved in the dispute. However, how these costs are split can vary depending on the circumstances and the agreement reached between the parties. In many cases, the parties agree to split the cost of mediation equally or in proportion to their respective incomes or financial resources. This means that each party contributes to covering the mediator’s fees and any other associated costs. In some situations, one party may agree to cover the entire cost of mediation as part of negotiations or to facilitate the resolution process. This could be due to various reasons, such as one party having significantly more financial resources or the other party facing financial hardship.

An option for accessing free mediation services in the UK is a Lega Aid. Legal aid may cover the cost of mediation for individuals who meet certain eligibility criteria, particularly for family-related disputes such as divorce, child custody, and financial matters. The availability of legal aid for mediation depends on factors such as income, assets, and the type of dispute.

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katriona sporkmann
katriona sporkmann
Very helpful and friendly service. Talked me through the mediation process and made it all seem much clearer and easier to understand. There was no complicated legal jargon and I came away armed with better knowledge and some helpful tips. Highly recommended!
Dariusz Rogowski
Dariusz Rogowski
I did it and now would like to recommend it. Dealt with Stuart, who was the man at the exact time. His approach and a great way of directing me with presenting my issues were surprisingly way easier than I projected the obstacle in my mind. Highly recommend it as this removes my blockage. A wealth of experience. Many thanks Stuart
neale cook
neale cook
They were very helpful in clearly explain the process of mediation and were very friendly in all discussions. I would certainly recommend them to anyone..
D Campman
D Campman
I have been in contact Stuart at Direct Mediation Services on and off for about two years for various reasons and know him to be an utterly committed and decent person who I would (and do) wholeheartedly recommend to any other women (or men) in need of mediation. He is polite and calm, explains the whole process and makes you feel safe.
Mohammad Junaid Malik
Mohammad Junaid Malik
Dealt with Stuart who was very professional and understanding of the situation. Stuart ensures he starts a conversation with less stressful issues and we had a lengthy conversation regarding non legal related issues before we discussed details of my case and what i was trying to achieve. A man with a wealth of experience and someone who understands different family cultures really well. Thanks for your assistance.
yasin ayyub
yasin ayyub
oh wow i dont know where to start but what a guy and what a lovely company, i was lost, with no support, didnt know who to talk to who to turn to then was given a number and introduced to this gentleman mr hanson he interviewed me, by understanding me as a person mr hanson with his connections guided me, supported my queries, told me where i was wrong and how to correct my ways, i went from a broken man to a newly repaired working machine all happy again. he so calm so compassionate so understanding basically he a dying breed and his level of service was soo good, i feel like he a friend, to not only me but anyone..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 10 star service and im a happy man again, you must turn to this guy you wont be disappointed i promise. thank you stuart i mean it. kind regards yas
Carl wherton
Carl wherton
Brilliant company and really easy to understand. Talked me through everything and explained it rather tahn rushed through it. Polite, courteous and sympathetic to each case. Couldn't say enough nice things about this firm, if your struggling to see your child then definitely give these guys a try.. I dealt with Stuart, and he did a fantastic job
Chris Boyce
Chris Boyce
I was at a point that I felt I had no way forward from until I was recommended Stuart at direct mediation services. He remained professional unbiased and kept me informed at all stages throughout the case. I couldn’t recommend Stuart enough. Thank you Stuart you have made me one step closer to my goal
Rehan Uddin
Rehan Uddin
Very professional, approachable and very co-operative staff from Solicitors to back office. I'm glad that I choose them for my case. I doubt it anybody can match for their services in the market. I high recommended anyone for their services.