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Do you want to train as a family mediator? Now you can become one of us and be able to help couples in need.

Direct Mediation Services is committed to supporting trainee mediators and we support two a year. The reason we don’t do more is because of the time we invest in mentoring trainees to become independent and confident family mediation professionals.

Steps to becoming a family mediator:

Step 1 | Basic course

For those interested in becoming family mediators, the first step is to ensure that you are accepted onto a basic training course recognised by the Family Mediation Council (FMC) and then attend such a course. These courses are available here and differ in terms of cost and delivery modalities, including online learning options. It is therefore recommended to shop around to find the option that best suits individual needs.

Step 2 | Registration with the council for family mediation

On successful completion of the basic course and receipt of the relevant certificate, registration with the Council for Family Mediation as a trainee mediator may be pursued with a view to accreditation. A Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) should be sought for ongoing guidance on skills development.

Membership of one of the FMC’s five affiliate organisations is also required, with an annual membership fee of around £200. During this stage, private family mediation work may be undertaken, but no legal documentation may be signed or Legal Aid Agency funded mediation undertaken without the supervision of an FMC accredited mediator.

Step 3 | Portfolio development

In order to become accredited as a family mediator, a portfolio is required, a process similar to a university dissertation. This portfolio reflects the cases you have mediated, which can be difficult to obtain. Some people opt for a training contract, such as those offered by DMS, which include interviews and mock measurements.

This service is free of charge and guarantees work for two years after accreditation. Another option is pay-as-you-go, with an annual administration fee of £250 if you are successful in the interview and simulation. Subsequent service fees go directly to the mediator. Once the portfolio is completed, it is submitted to the Family Mediation Council for assessment, with results usually taking approximately 3 months. It is recommended to consult directly with the FMC for clarification on this process.

“Direct Mediation Services have built up systems to support the mediation process and make it more efficient, they are constantly innovating and using feedback to improve things. They invest in people and support structures to create community and connection.

Thank you, Stuart and Dorian, for all the support and guidance. Stuart, I genuinely wouldn’t have got this far without your support”

Do you want to become a mediator?

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