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C100 Form Application Guide | Child Arrangement Orders Explained

Welcome to C100 Form Guide Welcome to C100 Form Guide, your trusted resource for navigating the complexities of the family court system, particularly concerning the C100 child arrangement order. As an accredited family mediator and former magistrate with extensive experience in the family courts, I understand first-hand the challenges families face during legal proceedings. Having […]

A Father’s Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding Child Access Rights in 2023

Welcome to fathers who want to know about child access rights We have written this guide, as many fathers ask during the mediation process what their rights are as a parent. Some fathers may not have been added to their child’s birth certificate and as a result they do not have parental responsibility, which restricts their ability to […]

Understanding the Child Maintenance Calculator and its Role in Family Mediation

In the realm of child maintenance in the UK, the Child Maintenance Calculator serves as a pivotal tool for estimating child maintenance payments based on specific criteria. This comprehensive guide aims to elucidate the significance of the child maintenance calculator, its utilisation in family mediation, and the intricate aspects associated with child maintenance in the […]

21 Things You NEED to Know About UK Family Mediation in 2024

#1 What is UK Family Mediation in 2024? Family mediation is a process in which an accredited Family Mediator supports you and family members to communicate more effectively, usually following a divorce or separation. The mediator will support everyone to look at the issues they are facing, and through the mediation try to help the whole family make arrangements for the future.  These […]

Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) 2024 Guide

MIAM Introduction You are probably reading this, either because you are starting the mediation process between you and your ex-partner and will be attending your MIAM mediation, or because your ex-partner has already done this and you have now been invited to one. Mediation often comes at a very stressful time for both parties and the thought […]

The Family Mediation Voucher Scheme 2024

Is the family mediation voucher scheme still available? DMS continues to take part in the family mediation voucher scheme, which has been extended. There is no end date at the moment, but this blog post will be updated if funding ceases. If you are seeking to mediate relating to child arrangements and would like to […]

Your Mediation Certificate – (what you NEED to know in 2024)

Mediation Certificate Everything that you need to know … It is not unusual to have so many questions about the mediation certificate and what you have to do with it when you have it. We have collected all the questions that our clients have asked us over the years we have been mediating, and have […]

When Does Child Maintenance Stop?

Child maintenance is a crucial aspect of ensuring that children’s financial needs are met after the separation or divorce of their parents. While child maintenance plays a vital role in providing for the well-being of children, it’s essential to understand when these payments cease. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the factors that determine […]

The Ultimate Guide for Co-parenting with Family Mediation

Introduction Co-parenting with the assistance of family mediation has become a vital approach in recent years, particularly for separated or divorced couples. This comprehensive guide will explore the concept of co-parenting, provide insights on how to co-parent effectively with the help of family mediation, offer valuable tips for maintaining a harmonious co-parenting relationship, and discuss […]