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What will it cost?

There are two options:
1. Legal Aid
2. Privately paying

Legal Aid

If you qualify for Legal Aid you will receive your mediation at no cost. If you receive Legal Aid and your ex-partner does not, the cost of their MIAM and first mediation session will be met by the Legal Aid Agency. After this, they will need to pay privately. You can talk to one of our team to see if you qualify.


Privately Paying


Your MIAM within office hours £120 BOOK NOW

We promise our clients an online MIAM appointment within three days of booking. This could be during your lunch hour, or before picking the kids up from school. Let us know and we will do our best to give you a time that fits in with your life. If you would like to book a face-to-face appointment, please let our staff know.

Early Morning/Evenings/Weekend Online MIAM £145 BOOK NOW

We understand that if you are at work, attending a MIAM can be difficult and taking time off work is expensive – that is why we offer online MIAMs on an evening and at weekends. This allows you to have an appointment that works for you. We also have early morning appointments starting at 7am if you want to do your online MIAM before your day starts.

Online MIAM within an hour £180 BOOK NOW

We understand that sometimes only the MIAM certificate is needed to complete a court application form and that is why we offer the 1-hour express service. You can be in your lawyer’s office, at work or at home and we can deliver your MIAM online to you. Immediately after the MIAM we will email your certificate, so you can make that court application.

Mediation Session Fees £120 per person per hour

For private clients, our costs are simple, with hourly fees of £120 per person for mediation sessions. We request that payment is made before the session, either by card or bank transfer.

Direct Mediation Services

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