Direct Mediation Services

Documents needed to make a legal aid application

Once your online application is submitted and all your documents are correct, a decision on your case will be provided within 7 working days. Do not contact Direct Mediation Services within this period.

This sheet gives you information on two situations: 

  • Not in receipt of any benefits or income
  • Homeless


You need to send the following evidence for your Legal Aid application:

  1. Bank statements – the last four weeks’ If you have other individual or joint bank accounts, you will also need to provide statements for these for the same period. This does not apply if you are homeless (See Photo A for an example.)
  2. If you have NO income, don’t have a bank statement to provide and you are supported by family or friends, please fill the legal aid form and submit it. The form can be found HERE.
  3.  Homeless – if you are homeless, an email or a letter from a hostel or charity confirming their support for you would be sufficient (See Photo B for an example.)

Photo A – Bank statements

The easiest way to get your bank statements for the last four weeks is to go to your bank and ask them to print them out. If you have more than one bank and/or building society account, we need statements for all of these as well. This includes joint accounts

You may also be able to download them as a PDF

We need to see clearly:

  1. The four edges of the page
  2. Full pages
  3. Your full name
  4. Your full address
  5. Account number
  6. Period covering the last four weeks
  7. Page number sequence 1, 2, 3 …

Photo B – Homeless (Supporting Letter)

The easiest way to get evidence is to present this letter to the centre where you are staying. Below is a sample for them to use. Ask them to print it on their headed paper and sign it.