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Legal Aid

Will I qualify for Legal Aid?

This is one of the most asked questions we get asked in our office. There is no immediate answer as an assessment needs to be made of your situation and your financial circumstances.

To make the application process easier, we have written some factsheets, which will help you prepare for your Legal Aid application. The factsheets tell you which documents you need and how to present them.

Read the factsheet which applies to you, as you will be given only one opportunity to present all documents needed for your application. A decision on your application will be provided within 10 working days. Do not contact Direct Mediation Services within this period.

There are only four ways to submit your evidence

We have an electronic form below on this page, which you can complete. This is the only page on the website that you can submit your application for Legal Aid
This is our secure and dedicated Legal Aid WhatsApp number: 07477 867736. Send a clear photo with one full page per image. This number does not accept calls
This email address is only for submitting your evidence: (Please provide your telephone number, so we can call you back)
Make sure all post is addressed to: Direct Mediation Services, 5 Carla Beck House, Carla Beck Lane, Carleton-in-Craven, Skipton, BD23 3BQ. Please ensure the correct postage is paid. We do not accept Legal Aid applications at any other address

Online Submission Form

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