Direct Mediation Services

Where can I go for help?


It is sometimes difficult to know where to go to get help. Below you can find a list of organisations who may be able to provide support on subjects and in locations we do not cover. Please note that Direct Mediation Services does not take any responsibility for external content. If you are an external organisation and would like us to add your website below please contact us.

Are you looking for a family solicitor?

At Direct Mediation Services we work with you to try and find a way forward for you and your family. This journey starts with a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM). During this, we talk to you about the benefits of mediation, but also about getting legal advice. We understand it is easy to get lost within the legal process and that sometimes it can help to get some legal advice. We are often asked if we can recommend a family solicitor and this is why we have created this page. As mediators, we need to be impartial, but the lawyers we list are mediation friendly and will support your decision to use mediation.